We make environmentally friendly cage liners and accessories for all your small pets. Our items are made with authentic U-Haul for maximum durability. You will get high quality at an affordable price. You will save money and your pets will love it!

Hello! We are Kelly and Jonathan Leal and we are the owners of Creations by Kiwi. We started as a Etsy shop in 2019. Our Etsy shop is still up and operating at www.esty.com/shop/shopcreationsbykiwi. We created this website to give our customers a personal view of who we are and why we care for the small animals. 
Our mission is to provide affordable quality bedding and cage accessories to all small pet owners while also raising awareness of the care it takes to raise small animals through our social media platforms. We would like to create a network to connect small animal rescues to the public to help increase adoptions and highlight the other services they provide for the community.

Our story began between 2011-2012, It was around that time that Oso, our very first Guinea Pig, entered our lives. He was a almost albino Abyssinian. A couple of weeks later we adopted Sonic, a smooth American satin. Several years past then Ollie was added to the family. In the beginning we used wood shaving bedding. The wood shavings were very messy and expensive. Shavings would always get stuck in our carpet, clog our vacuum and leave shavings dust everywhere! One day we noticed Oso, who was now very old was having trouble pooping and seemed very sick. We took him to the vet to find out he was eating the wood shavings bedding! We had look into an alternative bedding and found out about Fleece bedding. Fleece bedding is more affordable, ecofriendly, and easier to clean. That is when we promised to make the best, most affordable fleece bedding and fleece accessories for small animals. Hand crafting our own fleece bedding and fleece accessories wasn't easy at first. With lots of patients, persistence, and practice we got better.

Thank you Kindly!

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